Personalities Known: NAME ~ Sex ~ Personality ~ Attitude ~ Class ~ Eye color Raizen ~ Male ~ Main personality ~ Joker type ~ Pirate ~ Jade Eyes Rai ~ Male ~ Hostile personality ~ Rude and Harsh ~ Martial Artist ~ Gold Eyes Zen ~ Female ~ Naturing personality ~ Kind ~ Priestess ~ Soft Lily Green Eyes Roto ~ Female ~ Feral personality ~ Dark ~ Druid ~ Cat-like slit Eyesâ™ 


not sure what I am writing here yet just kinda spitballing at the moment

Raizen Kuroto, is an odd yet interesting and lucky man. Having spent most of his youth in the woods he eventually got bored and decided finding out what other people might hold an interest in would become his interest. Traveling from town to town he would eventually gather a crew together most following him do to his happy-go-lucky attitude others for his dumb luck. Raizen eventually decided taking the adventures life was more to his liking and left his ship to his first mate and began to delve into temples and caves searching for things long since forgotten.

One of the trips would bring Raizen into a unique situation where he was taken to a high priest and made into a sacrafice. Upon facing the deity Raizen became intrigued and questioned it which brought amusement to the all powerful force sparing his life.


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