Alisna Aidnrouryos

Ali - A small druid in a very big world


Character: Alisna Aidnrouryosp. Race: Humanp. Class: Druidp. Age: 29p.

AC: 18p. Fortitude: +11p. Reflex: +4p. Will: + 13p.


Ali’s story doesn’t begin with some grand adventure or series of tragic events, quite the opposite. It was the summer of her 17th year. Her father, Ionas, a blacksmith from Morad was busy in the back repairing equipment, and her mother, Stavroula, was in the front of the shop dealing with the customers. Ali had been asked to go pick up some fabric from the store. There was nothing bad about her mothers request, it was simple and non demanding. Ali actually often enjoyed going to visit the other areas in town to get away from the shop. Today she felt like everything her mother asked was a demand, and unreasonable so she blew up at her. She yelled, and screamed stormed out.

Her mother followed her down the road, trying to talk with her. Ali was just just yelled and argued back. Finally they made it to the end of the street, and her mother stopped. Ali just kept going. She walked for several miles, tears welling up in her eyes. She knew she was being unreasonable, but she was just so angry.. and now so sad.

Eventually she made it to a friends house that let her stay the night. They fed her and let her sleep upstairs in the loft. The night was spent sobbing into her pillow. How could she go back now. Morning came, Ali’s eyes felt like she had been blinking sand and her throat was dry. Her nose was the color of cherries just before they ripen. At that time she made a decision. She was going to go somewhere different, somewhere away from her family and her friends. It would be a place where she could just be herself, where she wouldn’t have to worry about hurting her loved ones because she just simply control her temper. Being 17 sucks.

That morning Ali decided she was heading east. She had heard about Tenglah from the merchants that came to the shop. It was a quiet place, fully of good wholesome happy people. It was a good place for a fresh start where no one would know her or judge her. Her journey there took a little less than eight months. She would often find wagons to ride on or would work for people at their farms for a little extra food or some hay to sleep on. These little diversions were welcome in part because they helped her feel useful and in part because it helped her put aside her feelings of home.

She was about half way across Tenglah when winter hit. Winters back home had been bad but she just wasn’t prepared for what it was like when you didn’t have a roof over your head or mom to cook a warm meal for you. Ali had built a little shelter our of some downed branches in the forest, and tried to stave off the cold. She gathered what little she could during the day and once the snow fell, she would sleep wrapped in her clothes with her back against a tree to cut the wind. Things became worse and worse, and one night she heard growling and ripping in the distance. She tried to crawl away but couldn’t feel her legs or arms. It was probably just a figment of her imagination. She would just sleep, she knew she should stay awake but her body finally betrayed her and she collapsed in the snow.

More to come….

Alisna Aidnrouryos

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