The War of Prophesy

Ali's Diary Entry 160

A Romp in the Woods

Well every day with this crew has been full of surprises. I was greatful that we finally made it out from the underground city. It was a chance to relax and get back in touch with ourselves after everything that has happened. The traveling caravan had provided some good leads on the illegal trade and abuse of exoctic animals. Things were looking up. I had made some good contacts and thought I was finally going to link stuff together only to find that we became the creatures forced and traded.

It looks a little more like we are that we are outside, but that shouldn’t fool anyone. Raizen gets quirky anytime something different comes up. Cormick is obviously very unhappy with himself at the moment, and seems to be undergoing some kind of midlife crisis. Bree is normally just as normal as she can be, except for the part when she gets all agitated and defensive at the mention of our master.

To top this all off Telm came to pick up our battle tank from us. Apparently the battle tank was named Bertha. That was the only thing that made me smile that day. Telm is a horrid terrible “person”. I hate where this is taking us. I want to save the world, but dear god, I do not want to kill it in the process. I don’t know how long I can really be working in this capacity. He murdered an entire city for no legitimate reason, and..I am just so mad now I could scream…

At least we were able to go onto our next thing. There was a group of elves in Coronno called the “poison circle.” They were rumored to have an artifact piece in one of their little hideouts. We prepared for a very long time so we would be ready. I scried the place and Bree assisted us in teleporting there. We walked up to the front gate, basically strolled in and took the piece. I think the gods must have been smiling on us that day but I doubt that will last much longer.



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