The Return is a collection of prophesies that predict the ancient aberrant gods Samsalleh and Gre’shlex will return from their banishment in the Far Realms. Many aberrations, including Mind Flayers, Tsochar, Aboleths and even Elan believe the return of these two powerful deities will enable their kind to gain dominance over the world. The prophesy speaks of seven main signs:

  1. The seven-sister star cluster constellation representing the seven states of mind will merge with the revered constellation of the eye. When seven stars enter the pupil, the return is nigh.
  2. Fogs of madness will cloud the minds of mortals.
  3. Subterranean and above ground will trade places
  4. World-wide war
  5. The faceless leviathan will appear in the ocean, devouring it.
  6. All alliances will be broken, new ones will be forged.
  7. The moon will fall

Selaatim is mentioned in these prophesies, but only as an obstacle to the rising power of Abberation-kind.


The War of Prophesy Tleilaxu_Ghola