Vital Statistics

  • Classification: Nation
  • Constituent Geographic Components: Mountains, River, Plains, Coastal
  • Humanoid Demographics: Halfling (90%), Elf (10%).
  • Humanoid Population: 250,000
  • Government Type: Communist (non-totalitarian)
  • Primary Economic Output: Food (50%), Fishing (10%), Textiles (10%), Tourism (30%)
  • Urban/Rural Ratio: 0/100
  • Primary Religions: Church of Yondalla
  • Major Cities: N/A


The communes of Tenglah are frequently described by visitors as little agrarian utopias. There is no federal government of Tenglah, only a loose association of a few hundred small communes. Next to food, tourism is the largest output of Tenglah. People come from miles around to “breathe the country air” and bask in the simple “hospitality of the little people.” There is a small elvish community that lives in the forests of Tenglah, and the “big sized” accommodations that the halflings built were originally intended to house the Elves on their infrequent visits to the plains.


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