Vital Statistics

  • Classification: Nation
  • Constituent Geographic Components: Mountains, River, Plains, Costal
  • Humanoid Demographics: Human (30%), Elf (20%), Dwarf (20%), Gnome (15%), Others (15%).
  • Humanoid Population: 8 Million
  • Government Type: Constitutional Monarchy
  • Primary Economic Output: Food (10%), Fishing (10%), Textiles (10%), Industrial (20%), Luxury (10%), Magical (20%), Other (20%).
  • Urban/Rural Ratio: 50/50
  • Primary Religions: Church of Pelor, Disciples of Heironeous, Wayside Shrine of Farlanghn
  • Major Cities: Odessa, Murk
  • Principle Allies: Curnaman, Irisesh.


Surm is a diverse, industrialized nation governed by a Constitutional Monarchy. Land-based and Air-based trade is the specialty of Surm. Curnaman freight trains transport goods throughout Surm and to the distant coastal kingdom of Irisesh. The long track to Irisesh is called “The Iron Corridor” and is the most monolithic demonstration of Curnaman handiwork outside of the mechanized city of Morad. Air transport over the mountains to Virm and the Selcur Straights is a new development within the past few decades, much to the chagrin of Virm, who holds the only major mountain pass through the Urvan mountains that divides Surm from Virm.

In a recent scandal, the long reigning human Koniger Dynasty has been overthrown and the gnomish house responsible for establishing the Air Corridor to Selcur has gathered enough support to take the throne. The gnome king Dars of House Muuvo has held the throne for a scant 2 years at the time of the campaign’s start. There is still a good deal of residual power mongering, though it looks to be slowly subsiding under Dars’ smooth diplomacy (and liberal bribes).


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