This page is dedicated to recording information extracted from various NPCs that have strong relevance to the campaign.

NPC: Emmanul the Blue

Method of extraction: Mind Rape spell, see Book of Vile Darkness.

Questions Asked:

  1. Bree: Engineering Knowledge.
  2. Bree: Is there a rebellion in progress or brewing?
  3. Bree: What is Iosef and what did he do?
  4. Bree: What is Boris’s Position?
  5. Bree: Tell me what the wires do?


  1. The blue was an electrical engineer. The wires he was working on carried electricity, a familiar element to all casters, but one rarely harnessed except in massive quantities. The fact that small, non-lethal currents would be of any use is novel. The blue doesn’t know much about what the end purpose of the electricity is, but he does know it’s used in the biofabrication facilities of the Elan, among other places.
  1. The blue is not aware of a rebellion brewing or in progress.
  1. Iosef was a former Mayor of the city (Taamengrad). He was also a famous, if controversial psychic scientist. Under Iosef, the predominant export of Taamengrad was psionic services, specifically domination services. “Tamed” beholders are probably the most visible exhibit of their craft and they are sold to trusted buyers for enormous sums of gold. Iosef was an innovator in “taming” techniques, as they are commonly called. Significantly, it was eventually leaked that Iosef had developed a method for “taming” large populations. The blue knows that Iosef lost his position as Mayor due to ethical complaints—and their external political ramifications. Shortly after he was forced to step down his laboratory complex exploded and Iosef was not seen in the city since. This occurred approximately 3 years ago and 1 year prior to this particular blue’s arrival in Taamengrad. Thus, Emmanul’s knowledge is one of second hand history and observation of the aftermath.
  1. Boris is the current Mayor of Taamengrad. The Elan nation, such as it is, consists of numerous subterranean and largely independent city states, which means Boris holds the highest possible office in the Elan nation. The blue doesn’t know much about Boris apart from his title and his more visible policies. Boris is responsible for the large influx of Blues and for starting several very large engineering projects, in a bid to expand Taamengrad’s export portfolio. Boris is also beset with cleaning up the political mess Iosef left him. Suffice it to say that once Iosef’s population control projects were leaked it attracted all sorts of the wrong attention. The details of Iosef’s project have been brutally suppressed and hidden, and this blue has wisely not looked into the matter whatsoever.
  1. See first bullet.

Ancillary Information:

The Blue also knows a few tidbits that are common knowledge in Taamengrad, but not necessarily information an outsider might easily come to know. These are listed below:

  1. Taamengrad is allied closely with 3 other Elan cities: Boorstum, Verl, and Schetsgrad. Boostum and Schetsgrad are very similar in their export portfolio and system of governance to Taamengrad. Verl is a bit of an odd duck bunch—they are known to specialize in divination psionics. They symbol of Verl is a great eye.
  2. Taamengrad receives visitors from neighboring Drow on a monthly basis. The two races, while mutually suspicious, conduct a good deal of business. Technological and psionic devices are frequently exchanged for magical devices and food. In fact, the majority of food in Taamengrad is Drow-supplied.
  3. Blues have been recruited very heavily in Mogom over the past two years. Teams of Elan have been moving through the Orc/Goblin lands offering various promises, such as psionic power, technical superiority, and the like. The blue are teleported to Taamengrad and a few other Elan cities, where they live an arguably better life than they do under the orcs. Blue are decidedly second class in both situations, but under the Elan the blues enjoy a vastly higher standard of living. In short, the reason no rebellion is yet brewing is because most blue consider their lot in life to be improving.
  4. Most blue know that Taamengrad extends deep below what is visible on the surface, but few know what actually happens in the depths. Bursts of psionic energy and physical shaking of the ground occur occasionally, presumably as a result of whatever happens below.


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