Vital Statistics

  • Classification: Nation
  • Constituent Geographic Components: Lake, River, Plains, Coastal
  • Humanoid Demographics: Desert Elf (100%).
  • Humanoid Population: 500,000
  • Government Type: Tribal
  • Primary Economic Output: Weaponry (20%), Jewelry (20%), Food (20%), Transport (40%)
  • Urban/Rural Ratio: 0/100
  • Primary Religions: ?
  • Major Cities: N/A
  • Principal Allies: N/A


The enigmatic desert elves are broken into eight tribes, collectively referred to as the Jen-Jen. Little is known of these reclusive elves, apart from the fact that they are known to ride sand worms and are ferocious fighters. The Jen-Jen transport goods from across the wastes, notably spices, in trade for supplies.


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