Vital Statistics

  • Classification: Nation
  • Constituent Geographic Components: Mountains, River, Plains, Costal
  • Humanoid Demographics: Human (100%).
  • Humanoid Population: 4 Million
  • Government Type: Monarchy
  • Primary Economic Output: Food (50%), Fishing (20%), Weaponry (15%), Other (15%).
  • Urban/Rural Ratio: 30/70
  • Primary Religions: Disciples of Heironeous, Court of St. Cuthbert, Followers of Kord
  • Major Cities: Alemedica


Jarcarter is a militaristic, spartan-like nation of exclusively humans. Jarcarter prides itself in self-sufficiency and is extremely xenophobic. The military of Jarcarter is legendary. Fully 70% of the male population is associated with the military as is a good 50% of the female population. Outside Jarcarter, merchants joke that their only trade is in weapons and fanaticism. Although Jarcarter is gruff and surly with other nations, they are widely tolerated as they form a potent buffer against the raiding hordes of Mogom who come through the Almenth plains. There is a 300 year peace between Jarcarter and Corrono, after the Jarcarter military was annihilated when the reached Tor Salaa’s arcane defense. Elves will avoid Jarcarter at almost all costs, for there is a bounty on elf ears in Jarcarter.


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