Vital Statistics

  • Classification: Nation
  • Constituent Geographic Components: Floating Cities, Coastal, Mountains, Rivers
  • Humanoid Demographics: Human (30%), Elf (30%), Gnome(30%), Others (10%).
  • Humanoid Population: 20 million
  • Government Type: Democratic Republic
  • Primary Economic Output: Precious minerals (40%), Crafted Material (20%), Non-Precious minerals (20%), Other (20%).
  • Urban/Rural Ratio: 100/0
  • Primary Religions: All possible
  • Major Cities: Jehanna
  • Principal Allies: Surm


Irisesh is unlike any other nation. All of its 20 million citizens live in a giant floating city complex that hovers over what is now an environmental disaster zone. The wealth of Irisesh is built on gold mining, which is terribly destructive to the environment. The gold mines of Irisesh still yield gold and precious minerals, even after centuries of heavy, industrialized mining. Works in the mines take elevators up to access their homes in the cities. Food and other goods coming from Surm’s Iron Corridor. The city itself is almost garishly decadent. There is a vast discrepancy in wealth distribution, which leads to very distinct socio-economic districts in Jehanna. Public entertainment, from arenas, fireworks, and theaters are used to keep the lower classes happy.

The floating cities are built on floating chunks of land. Each chunk of land is supported on a giant metal wheel that rings the base of the land island. These wheels are responsible for elevating the islands. The nature of the wheels are a closely guarded secret of the Irisesh, though many scholar is Tor Salaa are now convinced that they are constructed of metal from outside the material plane—metal that somehow retains low gravity properties.


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