Game Table Etiquette

  1. All spoken content (by NPC or PC) should be written in the chat log enclosed in quotations.
  2. Significant emotes should be in the chat log
  3. meta game is handled over vent
  4. descriptions of scenery and NPCs are handled over vent.
  5. non-RP comments have no ornamentation in chat (please keep them to a minimum).


Bob: “How are you today Sally?”
Sally: “I am doing well, yourself?”
Bob: do I attack her now or what lol?
John: lol no. Just keep going.
Bob: “I’m super! Thanks for asking.”
Sally brightens at Bob’s enthusiasm
John: rawr
GM: This is a terrible example dialog /sigh

Rules Clarifications

  1. Psicrystal abilities are a function of your manifester level (as advanced by any class which increases your manifester level). The abilities cannot be transiently increased through the use of Overchannel or anything of the sort, only leveling.


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