Vital Statistics

  • Classification: Nation
  • Constituent Geographic Components: Mountains, Fresh Water Lake, River, Plains, Costal
  • Humanoid Demographics: Dwarf (70%), Halfling (10%), Gnome (10%), Human (5%), Others (5%).
  • Humanoid Population: 2 Million
  • Government Type: Monarchy
  • Primary Economic Output: Mining and smelting (30%), Food (20%), Crafted Objects (20%), Other (30%).
  • Urban/Rural Ratio: 65/35
  • Primary Religions: Temple of Moradin, Venerated Society of Boccob
  • Major Cities: Sultarn, Devonon, Morad


Curnaman is home to the Iron Dwarves, neighbor to the halfling state of Tenglah. The overwhelming majority of “short people” in Curnaman earns the tongue in cheek name “Kingdom of Little People”. Curnaman’s urban population is split into three industrial cities: Sultarn, Devonon, and Morad, the last of which is the largest and home to the Temple of Moradin. For an outsider, the most striking characteristic of these three cities is the lavish use of metal. Nearly all buildings are constructed of stone and metal. The dwarves and gnomes of Curnaman have an overwhelming fondness for steam powered contraptions and their devices are visible virtually everywhere. Cities appear at first glance to be a labyrinth of pipes, smoke stacks, steam vents, large domed buildings and train tracks. The most famous export of Curnaman is the train (tracks and locomotives).


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