Almenth Plains

Vital Statistics

  • Classification: Geographic Region
  • Constituent Geographic Components: Plains
  • Humanoid Demographics: Elan 50%, Other 50%
  • Humanoid Population: Estimated 80,000 elan.
  • Government Type: Psionocracy
  • Primary Economic Output: Food (5%), Fishing (10%), Textiles (20%), Psionic Paraphernalia (20%), Other (45%).
  • Urban/Rural Ratio: 100/0
  • Primary Religions: None
  • Major Cities: Xammanrud


The Almenth plains holds the ruins of a now long extinct Suulan Empire. For the past thousand years the plains have been uninhabited, haunted by the ghosts of Suulan. Within the past few years, however, the secret underground city of Xammanrud has come into public awareness. Xammanrud is a purely Elan society and until recently was known only to a scant few psionic practitioners. The Elan rendering vats, where Elan are created from any humanoid creature, are now public knowledge, though many people have a hard time believing the stories. Elan are now offering access to the vats to any who wish to “achieve immortality”—a ploy that has caused an explosive growth in their numbers.

The plains are also home to a variety of less savory humanoids, though even less is known about them than is known about the Elan. Rumor has it that one can access the vast underground kingdom of the Drow from a portal deep in the Suulan ruins. Goblins and Kobold are known to exist in the plains.

Almenth Plains

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