Jaded old monk pursuing all the paths of the warrior


Disclaimer The writing is a work in progress updated as time permits

Cormick, a warrior driven by a need to learn all forms of martial combat and perfect them in the heat of battle. No stranger to death and the mysteries of the beyond, pain and suffering are seen as transitory, death a temporary setback. Though he’s lived only 52 years, they’ve taken place over a span of hundreds as at times generations pass while he hones his arts in the afterlife. Unknown to many, all his training is set aside as he learns a new path. And though he may be a master swordsman, if this new style has no use for it he’ll not pick one up, even in his own defense.

Despite having lived through most of recent history very few know of his path through it. In one war he may appear as a fanatical warrior dressed head to toe in plate adorned in the banners of his master, wading through seas of blood and gore. In yet other conflicts he may act as a lone archer, stalking through woods and swamp, slowly but surely eroding the numbers of his foes. A monk training solemnly in a monastary forgotten to all but those who dwell within. Dressed in furs, raiding the Jarcarter boarder towns for food and plunder. All paths must be learned so that one greater technique may be birthed.

Born in the Selcur Straights, Cormick Swiftsail was the first born and only scion to his noble family, who were made rich through their trading company bearing the same name. Sent off to sea at 16 to learn the family trade, Cormick meets and befriends a young monk named Gyatso during a stay at port. Talking with his friend, he decides that he has no interest in continuing on his parent’s path and enraged for never being allowed to make his own choice in his future, decides to take possession of all the cargo, sell it along with the ship and use it to fund his first step into adventuring. Accompanying Gyatso, they headed to his monastary deep in the mountains of Curnaman.

Quickly picking up the skills of unarmed combat, the ability to use himself and his surroundings as weapons and the wisdom to find within himself the will to victory, Cormick found it was time to move on and head out into the world. In parting he was gifted with a belt the order reserved for only the masters of its deeper mysteries, in trust that he would one day be worthy of it. Traveling south out of the mountains he came across a patrol out of Devonon. Deeply xenophobic and slightly suspicious of a lone human deep in their lands, he was taken captive into the city. Interogated by the paladin Oskar Stonefeet, a bond was quickly formed with Cormick gaining respect for the dwarf’s silver tongue and discipline, and Oskar having a deep understanding of the desire to set out on his own and the strength it takes to leave behind familial bonds.

With a paladin of Moradin vouching for him, the city guard was forced to take exception and allow Cormick to enlist and train with them. Thought made to put aside his robes and don the heavy plate the Dwarves worse easily on their stout frames, Cormick found the stalwart tactics and formations of the Dwarves came easily. The brutal and unflinching disciple practiced in defense of their nation became the basis upon which he would later seek out and learn new fighting styles and techniques. Far more difficult then the military techniques, Cormick also learned the art of Diplomacy from long talks with his friend. As his influence with Oskar grew, the paladin began to question his own place in the city and felt that there was more he could do outside of it. Having learnt what he could from the dwarves, Cormick decided to accompany Oskar and put his new found skills to use. Journeying deep into the rural areas of the the nation they heard stories of a gorgon that had ousted the workers of a small mine. Eager to best this beast, they ventured into the newly claimed lair and there Cormick learned his most important lesson. Not everything can be bested by strength of arms, and both their silver tongues were useless when turned to stone.


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