The War of Prophesy

Ali's Diary Entry 159

Adventure in the Elan City

We came back to the Elan city after our harrowing adventure laid out before us by Boris one of city the leaders. We debated for a while if we really wanted to go straight back to town or if we wanted to look around while we still had the opportunity. We ultimately decided that it would be best to go back, but there could be no harm in sightseeing along the way.

As the four of us were walking back we did encounter some things that would have been out of place on the surface. The first thing we saw were vats of strange greenish grey liquid in large rows along the road. Our discussions with the local workers led us to believe that they were using these devices to create food for their people. These local workers were not what I would have expected to find down here. I figured a city of this size would be run by kobolds or goblins. These were goblins but instead of being green they were blue in color. Additionally they all seemed to have a more intelligent gleam in their eye, but were all a little snappy. It was like when you are in the middle of a wood, and you can feel the gnats around you, but you can’t see them, they just keep annoying you. Some of these blue goblins were guiding armored guard monsters that looked like beholders around the halls. (Presumably to keep some of the nastier creatures in the under-dark at bay). Raizen did seem interested in finding out more about them but was pretty much shrugged off by the guards. Bree also had an interest, but it was more in the workers themselves. It seemed as though many of the “workers” were actually engineers that kept the city running. She was able to get the University marked on his map and told us she would catch up with the three of us later after she checked it out.

While Bree went off to explore the University and the various archanist shops in the area, Cormick, Raizen and I decided it was time to go meet up with Boris. Once we finally made it to the office it was all rather anticlimactic. I was expecting a small payment for the help, or at least some information. Cormick tried to negotiate something for us, but was met with quite a bit of resistance. Our payment for completing the job was this..”You’re free to roam my city. MY city. While that sinks into your thick skulls, I’m going to ask you to leave. I’ve a good bit of work.” Remind me in the future to negotiate the price of our services ahead of time…our.. services? Well whatever.

Cormick and I had a chance to chat a little this afternoon, after we notified Boris of the success we had. Cormick is a very serious guy, and talented. I just hope in some way I can get him to lighten up a little. If we are going to be traveling together for a while it would be nice just to have someone I can chat with normally. Raizen seems to be calming down a little also. I think the stress of what happened to us probably got to him, he just doesn’t seem quite right all the time, and has some very bad mood swings. That is why it would be nice to get Cormick to open up a little, no matter what I say around Raizen it is never right, and that gets hard and frustrating after a while.

We agreed to split up for a little bit then and take advantage of our “freedom” in the city while we had it. I took the time to go visit one of the local blacksmiths. It was nice being back in a shop. I do miss my mom and my dad, and the smithy at least on the surface reminded me of home. While I was there I asked if I could have a little utility knife made. Bree has been putting so much in to keep us alive and to make this mission successful. I thought it might be nice to have someone thank her for a change.

After a little bit of running around we all finally met up. A little of the tension between Bree and Raizen has gone away but around each other they both seem just a little crazy. I guess I can’t complain to badly they didn’t even blink when I turned into a bear. We will start to work better together soon, or kill each other in the process. Bree really seemed to like her gift. It was a small gesture but I think it will get its use. And with that we called it a night, fining a place to sleep in the city. I can’t tell you how much I look forward to finally being able to sleep under the stars again.



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