The War of Prophesy

Ali's Diary Entry 158


Ohh today was interesting. So the day before we had been attacked by beholders. Today we walk down the hall and like expected there are some bad guys. Bree was abducted for a short time. Raizen was actually willing to just walk away. Not cool, not cool at all. I pretty much told him that he was fine to go on, but I don’t abandon those that have been kind to me. It turned out to be something called a Temporal Filcher.

Luckily..or unluckily enough there was an Elan..that stepped in to help us. His name was Yuri. He..made me nervous…He looked a lot like Iosef. I just kept quiet, just not knowing what to say. The rest of the team let it leak that we knew Iosef. As soon as he knew what we knew, Yuri grew very quiet, and was simply determined to escort us to Boris his boss.

Long story short we met with Boris, and he told us some very disturbing things about the guy we are working for. I guess you can’t save the world if you only have good holy people.. It doesn’t make me feel good though. Our next job was to kill some aberrations that our “boss” had created. We fought this giant plant creature that had been mutated by the ooze, as well as insects. Ugh they got under my fur, and between my toes, and terrible…so glad it is dead.. If I find out he made much more I don’t know what I will do. Good things.. Cormic has a Pegasus named Hasselhof, pretty buff. and Bree our cute little gnome…SAVED MY LIFE. Here I was thinking I would be the one to save her..but it turned out to be the other way.

This has been a day of things being turned on its head, but still need to dig deeper to see what is going on.



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