The War of Prophesy

Ali's Diary Entry 157

We followed Topspin the little cute gnome through his portal. It is weird sharing my brain with another worm, but I don’t know I am not as mad about it as I thought it would be. Maybe it is because at least it is more of a symbiotic relationship. When we went through the portal it was like we were in another world. There was nothing there, it was dark, there were no stars in the sky, no animals, and no sound. The ground wasn’t your traditional dirt but more of a glassy composition, like you see in areas where volcanoes had exploded years ago. But for some reason there was still life there, grass had managed to grow in that harsh dirt, and that was all there was.

We all walked at some time and eventually made it to a little house. Topspin was a little cranky and impatient. I wonder if it was more from us being annoying than the wait. Eventually the guy we were supposed to meet finally showed up. I guess name was Iosef and he was Elan, there was another very cute gnome with a top hat that joined him. I like where this is taking us.

They yammered on for a long time, blah blah, blah we have to call Master, Master now, not by his other name. So whatever that is a little annoying but I will live. I also got the chance to learn my worms name. Bob seems pretty decent so far. I think I have the best one. Cormick got Joseph, Rizen, has Sally and Bree our new gnome has John. Our worms now also give us special powers! We can talk to each other privately and we have two other personalities that can protect us.

Again people all talked some more and we finally we went down back down to escape. Cormick was nice enough to help lead us out. Bob helped me sneak past the Mind Flayers, and we were finally free. My pet had been hiding in the caverns and it was nice to be reunited with him. The two of us were finally able to actually fight and protect the other group. They actually were not afraid of my troll form, and things went really well. I got to shoot lightning and Buddy got to shoot his blood acid, when he was not hurling on the ground. Well will update more tomorrow!



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